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so you don't have to!

It is important that the content for your business reaches the right audience and makes them want to stay around. 


Browse the services to see which package is the best investment for your business. Please note if you don't see the package that fits your needs I can fully customize one.


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UGC Packages
PaCKage 1

(Sow the Seed)

User-generated content is a power tool for marketing a brand. 72% of consumers believe that reviews and testimonials submitted by customers are more credible than the brand talking about their products. It's brand specific content that's created by the consumer for the brands use. Brands can use this content organically/ads. Need visual examples? Check out my portfolio.


  • Quick turnaround time, ensuring timely delivery of the UGC video for brand campaigns.

  • Scripted creative brief/edits

  • 15-30 second high-quality video, tailored to the brand's specific needs and preferences

  • Fully edited UGC video for brands use

1 UGC Video - $200 USD

3 UGC Videos - $570 USD

5 UGC Videos - $900 USD


10 Videos/Month - $1600 USD

20 Videos/Month - $3000 USD


Raw Content - 50% of base rate

Usage rights - 25% of base rate

Spark ads - $150 USD

Script read- $150 USD

Additional hook - $50 USD per hook

(monthly retainers available)


maccbook and notebook
notebook and coffee table
Social media Management
Package 2

(Blooming Flower)

I understand the significance of an effective social media presence in today's competitive digital landscape. That's why I've crafted a tailor-made package that encompasses all the essential elements to elevate your brand and engage your audience like never before.



  • Full Management: You can relax knowing that I've got you covered at every step. From skillfully scheduling posts to seamless publishing and comprehensive platform management. 

  • Content Strategy: Through a meticulous brand market analysis and social media audit, I'll identify your pain points, pinpoint key content pillars, and gain insights into your target demographic to create a content strategy. 

  • Content Creation: Carefully curate every concept with strategic intent. From in-feed posts and engaging stories to dynamic short-form videos, and graphic posts, I'll cater to every aspect of your social media needs.

  • Insights Reporting: Stay well-informed and stay ahead of the game with monthly insight reports.

  • Copywriting: Words have the power to create emotions and forge connections. I'll craft engaging and compelling copy that resonates with your audience.

Investment starts at $2000/month

*3 month retainer minImum

In-Person LIVE event Content Creator
Package 3

(The Garden)

Are you hosting an event in the Orlando area and looking to elevate your social media presence and marketing efforts? The "In Person Content Creation" package offers a tailored solution to capture compelling and engaging content for your business needs. You can focus on delivering an outstanding event while I take care of creating captivating visual content for your social media and marketing channels.



  • Consultation: Before the event, we will schedule a detailed consultation to understand your specific content requirements and objectives. This will enable us to tailor the services to your unique event and brand.

  • Customized Content Strategy: Based on the consultation, I will develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your event's theme, goals, and target audience. This strategy will ensure we capture the essence of your event in a visually appealing and impactful manner.

  • On-Site Content Capture: On the day of the event, I will be present to capture a wide range of content, including: x amount videos for Instagram stories, x amount of pictures for in feed posting, and engaging video footage to create videos.

  • Additional Content Delivery: Apart from the content shared in real-time, I will provide you with additional edited and polished content within 24 hours after the event. This includes videos, images, and other relevant assets that can be used for future marketing purposes.

  • Flexible Package Options: The "In Person Content Creation" package is designed to be flexible and cater to events of varying durations. Prices for a single live service range from $500 to $2000, depending on the event's duration and specific requirements.

For a custom quote tailored to your event's needs or to schedule a discovery call.


*Packages Can Be Customized To Fit Your Business Needs

let's make your life easier

and get your business moving!

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